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tripod announced to cut down their free space from 50MB to 20 MB only meaning I will have to move some videos soon and I'll try to find the time for a far better design for this site. Sorry I'm really heaped with all kinda yakka and updates come first

April 8th

Pool pics and 6 videos added to the new club

March 26th

the Flick and Joel site was incorporated in here

March 25th

2 videos and many Internet premiere shots of Flick being homesick (first shown in the UK on March 27th, 2002)


December 29th

Will Matt's prize make Flick fall for him ??

2 videos

December 26th

33 Euro premiere pics of Flick added (yahoo folder)

June 11th

36 UK premiere piccies added (to both galleries)

June 5th

4 UK premiere videos added

May 28th

4 UK premiere videos added

UK premiere gallery coming up


May, 25th

3 UK premiere videos added


May, 24th

Flick & Joel yahoo briefcase added (162 new photos)


May, 17th

Flick in tears (2 videos added)


May, 15th

3 Flick scared pics added